What Could You Do Without For 30 Days?

by Admin on May 7, 2011

I did an experiment to see what would happen if I gave up T.V. for 30 days. Now to clarify, I’m not the biggest T.V. watcher in the world, but I do love my sports. I began my experiment on Wednesday, February 9th, and ended the experiment on Friday, March 11th. There was some strategy to this. I waited until after the Super Bowl was over and wanted it to end before March Madness started for College Basketball. There were some interesting, positive things that happened during this time. My wife and I normally have our meals on T.V. trays in front of the T.V. We couldn’t do this anymore. So we ate at the dinner table. We were able to have good conversations without the interruption of T.V. My wife was glad to say we shared more “quality time,” or QT! I managed to do a lot more reading than I normally do. I read the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and read three quarters of the book The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz. I always read books, but without the T.V., I probably read them three times as fast. It also amazed me how quieter things became around the house. My house is not all that quiet since I have a dog and live on a busy street in Uptown San Diego. There just happened to be no constant background noise of the T.V. The big ah-ha moment came to me when I realized how much extra time I had in my day. How many of you extend any of your meals or lounge time because you want to watch that special T.V. show? It is surprising how 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there can add up. What this did for me is it allowed me to realize I can live without certain things I didn’t think I could. Your life works best when it is in balance. I exercise, eat well, have a good social life, and have a good work ethic as a Realtor. The T.V. at times, especially during football season, can be a huge distraction that takes away from more important aspects in my life. To balance it out, I don’t need to quit watching T.V. all together. Maybe I just need to DVR more and not watch live T.V.? I would be interested to know who has given up something in there lives that has ended up making things better. Please feel to write in the comment section below, or email your story to rob.handley@atlasinternational.com . Thank you for your time, Rob

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