U.S. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson To Build Casinos In Spain

by Admin on April 11, 2012

There was a fascinating article in Reuters about how Sheldon Adelson, the Chairman of the Sands Corporation, is looking to spend $35 billion to build a mini-Las Vegas strip in Spain. He is courting the major cities of Madrid and Barcelona. If Barcelona or Madrid becomes the place of his mini-Las Vegas, what effects do you think it will have on the overseas property industry? Atlas International doesn't sell near Madrid or Barcelona, but we do sell just south of Barcelona in the Costa Blanca North. I'm not an economist, but any draw to the coast of Spain is great for the property market. As more tourist visit the region, it is more likely we'll see an influx of home buyers. A lot of times clients haven't considered buying in Spain because they have never visited before. If the new casinos bring new tourist to Spain, I'm all for it. Read the full article on the mini-Las Vegas in Spain to get a more detailed description. Now I have another excuse to visit Spain:)

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