The Cuisine of Belize

by Admin on January 17, 2010

This is not McDonalds and Starbucks country. But if you still want fast food, here are a few items of local flavor that you'll love: Bollos or Tamales Wrapped in plantain leaves, these seasoned corn dumplings are usually stuffed with chicken. Cowfoot Soup Okay, cow feet are not your everyday North American or European food item. Yet you'll find it's a delicacy in the Caribbean, and a Belizean favorite food that's normally served with rice. Garnaches Small, pancake-sized fried corn tortillas, similar to nacho chips, garnaches are topped with beans, cabbage and cheese. Panades Stuffed with chicken, fish, beans or beef, these corn turnovers are deep-fried and garnished with cabbage. Salbutes Made from flat, round circles of fried corn masa, or tortilla dough, you'll find them stacked with stewed chicken and cabbage and topped with tomatoes and cilantro. Tamalitos These small tamales are made from grated fresh corn and steamed in corn husks. Order them with or without the chicken.

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