Overseas Property Sales in Spain Are Up

by Admin on October 21, 2013

Overseas Property Sales In SpainOverseas property sales in Spain are up over 43% from the prior year, according to the General Council of Notaries in Spain. This is great news for buyers who have been sitting on the fence since 2008 on whether to purchase a property in Spain. The overseas property sales in Spain peaked in 2007 and took a nose dive in 2008 through 2009 and have been bouncing at the bottom ever since.
These numbers from the General Council of Notaries was taken from data in the second quarter of 2013. Quarter two is in the heart of the traditional buying season in Spain. As I’m writing this, we have just entered quarter four of 2013. Quarter four tends to be the second most active buying season as buyers have finished taking their vacations and want to purchase before the New Year. We’ll see how the numbers turnout for quarter four.
With this great news for buyers, I’ll be very interested to see how the numbers turnout for quarter one and two in 2014 for overseas property sales in Spain. The general buyer usually waits for positive news from the media to help validate their decision to enter the market. I wouldn’t be surprised to see numbers above 50% in quarters one and two of 2014.
Atlas International has positioned itself very well within this market turnaround by accumulating a large portfolio of properties with partnerships from national Spanish banks. We have traditional re-sales and new properties in our portfolio as well as many bargain bank repossessions. (Repossessions are commonly referred to as foreclosures in the United States and Canada.) We have a huge portfolio on our website if you would like to see our substantial amount of overseas property sales in Spain.
For the buyers that have been out of the market for awhile, Atlas International still hosts subsidized inspections trips. Call or email your local Atlas International sales representative if you would like to see all of our overseas property sales in Spain.

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