La Jolla-San Diego Real Estate Sales Results For May 2011

by Admin on July 7, 2011

During Wednesday’s REBA (Real Estate Brokerage Association) of La Jolla caravan meeting, Mr. Jim Cox of Fidelity National Title spoke about the sales numbers from 2009 to 2011 for La Jolla. La Jolla is the second most expensive area of San Diego, second only to Rancho Santa Fe. The sales numbers are very interesting because like others have confirmed, the bottom has passed us. I’ll break the numbers down in a column and row format: ***I apologize for this format. I'm limited with the software:) May closings..........48            52             51 Closings Y-T-D.......176          243          261 Sales above $1.5.....38             48             51 Sales above $3.0......9                9            10 Sales above $5.0......2                4               1 Median Price.....$1.495      $1.324       $1.340 ----------------------------2009         2010          2011------------------ * All Prices Are In Millions The most interesting part of the columns is under 2011 in the rows of Closings Year to Date and Average Median Price. Total closings for the year are up compared to the previous two years. The median price is still below 2009, but increased from 2010 to 2011. These are great signs for the La Jolla market. -Rob

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