House or Condo in Need of a Short Sale?

by Admin on October 4, 2010

I am very proud to be a part of San Diego’s local affiliate of Atlas International, Pacific Properties. When it comes to short sales, this is the best team in San Diego County. How can this competent team serve as a benefit to my clients? 1. We have a short sale specialist on staff by the name of Terry Hammill (RE Market Solutions, Inc.) whose sole responsibility is to handle negotiations and administrative services between the client and the bank. This is a major advantage! Having such a contact with the bank expedites the short sale process by ensuring that negotiations move promptly. Terry Hammill has experience with banks that allow him to deal directly with primary decision makers, and his proficiency with contracts removes the guesswork from the process. 2. We also feature the best closing coordinator in the business: Mrs. Cate Slebioba. Originally a successful real estate agent, she now focuses solely on administrative demands incurred once a sale enters escrow. Why is this important? She makes sure that the client and the others involved in the transaction are fully cooperating with the regulations, disclosures, and laws of the local and state authorities. 3. Finally, with the help of Mr. Hammill and Mrs. Slebioba, I'm able to focus on the selling of your house in partnership with the best broker in San Diego, Ms. Linda Pasas. Should your residence require a short sale, send me you name, email address, and phone number in the comment section below. Please trust that your name and contact information will remain private. Alternatively, you may email the information to my personal inbox at: Warmest Regards, J. Rob Handley U.S. Director/Atlas International Pacific Properties

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