Belize Property Observations from January 2010

by Admin on February 2, 2010

I was recently in Belize this year from January 9th through January 17th.   I met some clients who were from London and wanted to relocate to Belize.  I wanted to discuss briefly the positive observations I made while visiting Belize since my last visit in July of 2009.  All of the developments and properties that we currently market in Belize have continued to build and progress through the economic downturn of the previous year.  This is a very good sign.  We only had to drop one of our developments because the developer was not meeting Atlas International expectations.  I'm a proud to say that we represent a wide variety of properties that will cover a wide range of clients' preferences.  Our East Bay community is in a rustic location that is on the north mainland  on the shores of the Chetumal Bay.  The community is built on the green concept of "New Urbanism."  New Urbanism is a building and community style of planning where the community is self-suffcient and built in a way that incorporates the natural beauty and resources of the area.   The other developments the we sell.... ie:  Emerald Cove, Tringa, and Island Breeze are on the island of Ambergris Caye.  Islands magazine calls Ambergris Caye one of the top 10 islands to live on in the world.  The Emerald Cove is community of 1 bedroom Casitas, 2 bedroom Casitas, and 3 bedroom Townhomes.  Detached Villas will be on sale in the second phase release.  Emerald Cove puts together modern building codes with local Belizean craftmanship.  The Tringa is a condominium complex that has the best value on the island.  A 3 bedroom/3 bath resale listed at $275,000 with taxes and furniture included in the price.   The Caribbean is a 3 minute walk from the Tringa.  Lastly, the Island Breeze community is THE epitomy of contemporary architecture for Amergris Caye.  From small villas to big mansions, this community has it all.  The properties should have a nice appreciation in value over time as the community adds a casino, golf course, and boutique hotel. I love Belize and visit at least 4 times per year.  The worst of the downturn has passed in regards to the western economies.   Clients are reentering the market.  Our bookings for viewing trips have increased by 200% since last year.  Check out this video taken from the 3rd level of one of the Island Breeze mansions.  You will enjoy the beauty of the beach, lagoon, and dock side restaurant!

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