3 Best Solar Panels For Your Home

by Admin on March 7, 2011

Occasionally I get questions from clients in regards to solar panels for their homes. Because it is an emerging technology, little is known on ideal panel types and the companies that supply them. I did some research on this with the help of colleagues and real estate writers from MSN.com. They broke down the 3 best solar panels by category: most efficient, most innovative, and most “bang for your buck”. One very important aspect in understanding solar panel installation is that you need to be familiar with existing federal and state tax incentives for your area. A good resource is the following link, provided by the federal government: http://www.dsireusa.org The most efficient solar panel is the SunPower Module, running at 18-19%, impressive numbers in the solar industry. The most innovative are the modules made by Westinghouse. They use AC technology (versus DC) which allows for great flexibility in the systems designed for a particular home. One of the main advantages is that partial shading of the panels won’t impact the whole system, but only the specific panels covered by shade. The module that offers most “bang for your buck” is the Kyocera KD series. With favorable efficiency percentages (12-14%), they also boast a 20-year warranty and cost approximately 10% less than most panels. For additional details on all of these systems, please view the referenced article here. If anybody has had any positive or negative experiences with these brands or any others, feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below. Rob

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