10 Best Reasons To Retire In Belize

by Admin on June 3, 2013

1. VERY LOW TAXES – The government of Belize has created the Belize Retirement Program to entice retirees to move to Belize. Visit www.belizeretirement.org for more specifics. Zero tax liability depending on how and where you earn your income. 2. RETIREMENT PERKS-- You only have to be 45 or older to qualify for the retirement program. See www.belizeretirement.org for all the additional benefits including duty free options. 3. BELIZE IN GENERAL-- They call Belize “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.” From Mayan ruins, rainforest, sun, sand, and sea, you can’t go wrong. Off the coast is the second largest natural barrier reef in the world. Crystal clear blue water and tons of marine wildlife. 4. COMMUNITY-- Family life and the joy of community take precedence in Belize. 5. EXPATS-- It’s an interesting and quirky mix of expats and retirees from all over the world. Many people want to escape the first world grind and rat race to chill and take life slowly. Nobody is in a hurry here. 6. ECONOMY-- One of the lowest inflation rates in the world. Very strict environmental and density laws. Keeps real estate values stable and supply low. Belize dollar is fixed to the U.S. dollar 2:1. U.S. Dollar acceptable as currency. 7. VERY CLOSE-- Approximately 2 hour flights from the hubs of Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami. For the Canadians and Europeans that don’t like to transit through the U.S. You can fly to Cancun and then take a daily/seasonal flight from Cancun to Belize City through Tropic Air. 8. FAMILIAR LAWS-- Former British Colony. Laws based on British Common Law. Fee simple title real estate transfers. 9. ENGLISH IS OFFICIAL LANGUAGE-- Only country in Latin America as English for its official language. 10. AFFORDABLE REAL ESTATE-- Very affordable compared to other beachfront locations in the United States.

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